You have your choice of three different medical plans. Each of our plans is designed to meet the unique needs of our I colleagues and their families. Colleagues who enroll in one of the HDHP plans can also take advantage of saving for their out-of-pocket expenses on a pretax basis by opening a health savings account(HSA) with no minimum balance and no monthly fees.

Premium start at $5 per period for individual coverage


Smile! Routine cleanings are covered at 100% in-network once every six months. You have a $1,500 calendar year maximum for each covered person under the plan for all covered services.

Premiums are only $5 per pay period for individual coverage!


Vision is also offered with $10 eye exams and $25 copays for lenses/frames for services from an in-network provider. Con­tacts are available in lieu of glasses and discounts for Lasik are also available.

Premiums are only $5 per pay period for individual coverage!


Feeling sick? Talk to a doctor and get back to it. Colleagues, their spouse and children are automatically enrolled in our plan that allows you to have a telephonic appointment with a doctor and even be prescribed medicine, if appropriate, for all the little ailments that slow us down. It is efficient and free.


Basic Life
All full-time colleagues are provided a life and accidental death and dismemberment benefit of $50,000. This benefit is 100% paid by BKS-Partners.

Voluntary Life
Colleagues have the opportunity to purchase additional life insurance for themselves and their family. Colleagues can elect up to 5x their salary (up
to $500,000) of additional life insurance.


Colleagues have the unique opportunity to participate in a discounted program for personal umbrella coverage needs. The program is offered through Chubb and includes higher limits of personal liability protection not readily available in the marketplace.


S-Partners believes in the importance of insuring your paycheck and provides BOTH short-term and long-term disability insurance to all full-time colleagues. These benefits are 100% paid by BKS-Partners.